Anthony Como Associates

The New York City assessment process is a valuation-based system, and Anthony Como Associates is a valuation-based firm.

As a former NYC Tax Assessor, my experience comes from both sides of the process, which provides a deeper level of expertise and a unique perspective from which to address the challenges my clients face. Knowing how the system works enables my firm to work with our clients to give them the knowledge they need to make informed and successful decisions.

The majority of commercial properties in New York City are assessed on a calculation of the pre-tax, net income. Although there are variations in this process, income from the property is the basis of the New York City tax assessment system.

New York City property taxes are the largest single cost of operation for a commercial property after any debt service. Managing the property taxes is the single most cost-efficient way to increase the profitability of a property. We work closely with our clients to enable them to understand the assessment process, because when clients understands the process, better decisions happen.

We believe that a well-informed client is the best client. And our goal is to empower our clients with the tools they need to act successfully.